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Giulia: 952 | 105
Giulietta: 940
Brera | Brera Spider
GTV: 916 | 105
Spider: 916 | 105 | 101
GT | 159156 | 147 | 145 | 155 | 164

Giulia (952)

Owner: Gary Clark | Spec: QF
Owner: Daryl Williams | Spec: Super (952) 2.0 Petrol Turbo
Info: The car is finished in Alfa Red, with tan leather interior and 8 speed transmission.



Owner: Neville Leary | Spec: 280BHP Milano

Owner: Richard Burns | Spec: Milano 2.2D


Owner: Joe Canty | Specification: QV Line
Owner: Peter Monk | Specification: 2017 1.4 Tb 120


Owner: Rosie Hodson | Specification: Twinair | Year: 2018
Owner: Brian Creasey | Specification: Sprint, 1.4 Multi Air, TCT | Year: 2011


Owner: Ali Jarman | Specification: Veloce | Year: 2009 | Engine: 1.4 155bhp


Owner: Mark Godfrey | Specification: 1.4 TB Lusso | Year: 2009


Owner: Paul Newberry | Specification: QV Line Multiair Turbo S-A TCT | Year: 2016



Owner:   Jeff Kaby | Specification: TBI | Year: 2009
Owner: David Welch | Specification: JTS Q4 Lusso | Year: 2006 | Engine: 3.2 V6 24v



Owner: Michael Youlton | Spec: Prodrive
Info: An S 2.2 JTS. It is No 231 of the Prodrive modified cars.  I have had the headlining removed to benefit from the SkyView spec which has been great on many a trip this first summer of my ownership.
Owner: Michael White | Spec: 3.2 Q4 .
Info: It has power flex bushes all round including the sub frame. It rides on Eibach springs and Monroe Gas sports shock absorbers. It has a Wizard cat back exhaust and is fitted with a Kenwood ICE unit with DAB radio plus all the other bits.


Owner: Keith and Sharon Barker | Specification: SV6 Prodrive | Engine: 3.2 V6 24v

Info: This car is no.341 of the 500 Prodrive Breras produced, one of only 83 red SV6 and probably the only one with silver wheels. Red cars had dark grey wheels as standard


Brera Spider

Owner: Paul Howells

Owner: Darren Harris -2007 2.2 JTS


GTV (105)

Owner: David Alexander | Description (from l-r): 1971 1750 GTV, 1983 GTV6, 1966 Sprint GT (race car), 1965 Sprint GT


Owner: Christian Brewer | Engine: Alfa Twin Cam 1750

Info: Total nut and bolt restoration, currently two years in (Sept 10). Under going 2.0ltr twin spark transplant with lowered suspension otherwise standard trim and original colour


Owner: Clive Baker | Model: Alfetta GTV 2000 | Specification: 1978 Strada

Info: This is a very rare car in Strada spec – one of only 3 roadworthy, according to the DVLA. 
Styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro, it is one of his masterpieces, IMO.


 GTV (916)

 Owner: Oliver Kirkpatrick | Specification: Lusso | Year 2002 | 2.0 Twinspark
Owner: Matt Harries | Specification: Cup (Special Editon) | Year: 2002 | Engine: 3.0 V6 24v

Modifications: Q2 differential, Ragazzon stainless steel quad exit exhaust, Autodelta custom aprons, Autodelta induction kit


Owner: Mitch Barnes | Year: 1998 | Engine: 2.0 16v TS

Info: Engine rebuild completed after cam belt failure. Preparing for MOT in the spring


Giulia (105)

Owner: Graham D | Model: Giulia | Specification: 2000 GTV SE 1974

Info: Alfa Russo, rare velour seats, owned 2 years following purchase at auction. 57,000 miles was stored for long period from mid 80\’s to full restoration 2009 to 2011


Owner: Clive Baker| Model: Giulia | Specification: 1300Ti 1290cc 82bhp | Modifications: Super grille

Info: This is a cute little car with a big heart. The engine will rev better than any other size twin-cam I know.



Owner: Mike McCloy | Model: GT | Year: 2010 | Specification: Cloverleaf | Engine: 1.9 JTDM 16v

Info: Purchased in February 2017, one previous owner, low mileage 47,000, well loved and love affair to continue under new ownership…


Owner: Brian Creasey | Engine: 3.2 V6L V6



Owner: Rob Taylor: Specification: 3.0 v6 24v
Info: It was the demo car at Autoyachts Gillingham until my dad purchased it on 4th July 1998 when my dad died in 2002 I inherited it.






Owner: John Wills | Specification: 2.5 V6
Owner: Matt Wintour | Specification: GTA with Q2


Owner: Brian Creasey | Specification: Q-System | Engine: 2.5L V6


Owner: Charles Johnson | Specification: JTS | Engine: 2.0



Owner: Nick Koleszar| Year 2006 | Spec: 2.0 TS Lusso in Nuvola Blue
Info: Bought in December 2017 to scratch the itch caused by being out of the UK for 13+ years and not having owned an Alfa in that time. Took a while to find one in decent condition with the spec I wanted (5 door, Lusso, not wrecked leather, cruise control, manual gearbox). I love the colour. I don’t love the cost of fixing minor blemishes in this paint.
Owner: Ray Stockwell | Specification: Lusso | Engine: 2.0L 16v TS

Info: Sports leather seats, convience pack, winter pack and Bose sound system


Owner: Clive Baker | Specification: GTA 3.2 V6 24 Valve Selespeed | Modifications: Q2 Differential, Remapped to 275bhp (allegedly), Sports induction and exhaust

Info: This is more like a missile than a car! It certainly blows away the cobwebs on a Sunday morning. I love it, I love it.



Owner: Phil Robinson | Year: 1976 | Engine: V8 2.6 Litre | Modifications: Engine, suspension, brakes


Owner: Isabel and Robert Hatcher | Specification: 1750 Berlina Series 2. (105 series) | Year: 1970
Restored: 2017 – 2019. Original owner Dr AP Davidson of Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, latterly kept in Reading, Berks, now kept by his niece in Woolwich.


Owner: Don Gilkes | Specification: Gold Cloverleaf | Year: 1983



Owner: Diane Lennox| Specification: 2.0 Quadrifoglio (Cloverleaf) | Year: 1999


Owner: Jack Hodson | Specification: Q4 | Year: 1993

Engine: 2.0 16v Turbo |


Spider (916)

Owner: Damon Morphew | Specification: TS | Year: 1999 | Engine: 2.0 16v TS


Owner: Paul Goldsack | Specification: TS | Year: 1997 | Engine: 2.0 16v TS | Modifications: Alloys


Owner: Mark Webster | Specification: 916 Spider in Lightening Blue Metallic | Registered: Nov 2001

Engine: 3.0 V6 24v | Modifications: Alfaholics full stainless steel exhaust system


Owner: Dean Prudence | Specification: 916 Spider in Zoe Yellow | Engine: 3.0 V6 24v

Modifications: Standard apart from wheels and discs | Info: My 1st Alfa and I love it, I am hooked. Let the sun shine!


Owner: Bernard Lien-Lambert | Specification: Giulietta Spider Veloce| Year: 1960

Spider (105) 

Owner: Phil Nicolls | Specification: S3 | Year: 1989


Owner: Jon Howson-Ray | Specification: Giulia Spider 1300 Junior | Year: 1968 | Engine: 1300


Owner: Paul Newberry | Specification: Series 4 | Year: 1992 | Engine: 2.0


Owner: Doug Hodson | Specification: Duetto | Year: 1969 | Engine: 1750


Owner: David Smith | Specification: Veloce | Year: 1976 | Engine: 1962 

Info: Original colour pale yellow. Re-sprayed in Alfa metallic blue. Subject of a significant restoration 3 years ago


Owner: Christian Brewer | Info: Chassis #2470039, a very early RHD 2000cc Spider with limited slip diff. Total nut and bolt rebuild by myself 1988 – 1992


Owner: Don Gilkes | Specification: S4 Spider


Owner: Clive Baker | Make & Model: 2000 Spider Veloce | Specification: Standard | Modifications: Restored

Info: Owned for over 23 years, I have gradually rebuilt almost everything as standard as I have been able to. 
This car has kept me an Alfista like no other.


Owner: David Gwilliam | Year: 1977

Info: imported from South Africa and purchased by me in September 2016. Since then it has undergone a complete restoration by AutoBritalia in Dunkirk Kent, after which time it had a bare metal respray.

I took delivery of the car in August 2017. It has been an enjoyable experience project managing the whole thing and I’m looking forward to taking it to Italy in May 2018.