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This enamel badge is gold plated and manufactured to very high traditional standards. The circle is 25mm in diameter and 34 mm high. It is built to last with an old fashioned clasp.

Further information:

This badge & window sticker started off as a very popular design as a window sticker designed by our very own Keith Barker. It was and still is very popular and started to be used on letter headings and compliment slips. Those that read the bi-monthly AROC magazine will notice the same logo on the Secretaries column.

Time, as ever, always moves on and the committee agreed that the design should be updated but to keep the original precepts of Keith’s design coupled with the boards need for a corporate image.

The AROC boards badge has a clover leaf behind the cross and serpant. AROCKES is an outline of the Kent and East Sussex boundary on a black background.

The updated badge after much deliberation has evolved into the current design that you see here. Most importantly it retains Keith’s hugely regarded design incorporated into a traditional Alfa Romeo front bumper badge layout but still shows membership as an individual club member to the wider umbrella of AROC.


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